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Be Prepared for Emergencies: Stock up on First Aid

An ounce of prevention is better than the cure. Following safety precautions keeps you from harm. Taking your daily dose of vitamins and minerals protects you from illnesses and diseases. However, homes are never complete without first aid kits for immediate treatment and solution to minor injuries and health emergencies.

Never underestimate the power of first aid remedies. Accidents, injuries, and ailments are inevitable in school, the outdoors, or even in one’s home. It is both wise and practical to keep a first aid kit nearby to be prepared at all times. Extra care must also be taken for those living in the tropics, as humid weather make bruises, burns, and wounds susceptible to infection. To further your knowledge and practice, first aid courses and trainings are offered online and in local hospitals.

Stack up on cleansing agents like antiseptics, antimicrobial cloths, swabs, tissues, gauze, strips and bandages for wounds, cuts, and scrapes. Medicated ointments and cooling balms soothe burns, itches, rashes, among other minor skin irritations. They also help alleviate pain from headaches, backaches, and breathing difficulties. Tablets and capsules for common ailments such as colds, cough, fever, allergies, diarrhea, and constipation are also recommended. Antibiotic ointments, capsules, antacids, pain relievers, thermometers, eyewash solutions, and cold packs complete the list of must haves for first aid supplies.

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