Foot Care: Best prices in Philippines (80 Items found)

Foot Care Made Affordable

Treat your feet with the pampering they deserve, be it for a pedicure or foot spa. Our feet walk us through places and keep us on the ground all day. With our weight on them, they must be tired of carrying a heavy load.

Nerve endings from the whole body are connected to our feet. With the help of foot reflexology charts and neuropathy, illnesses and diseases can be tracked through the nerve endings found at the soles of our feet. Keeping our feet clean and relaxed helps in blood circulation, which is essential for respiration, digestion, and excretion.

Soaking your feet in a warm saline solution for a couple of minutes will help soften cracks and accumulated dirt. Smoothen out calluses with pumice stones and exfoliate dead skin cells with foot scrubs. Moisturize your feet with select lotions and creams from St. Ives, Body Shop, Skin and Co., and L’occitane, among other top brands. Not only do these products keep your feet smelling great, they keep the skin soft and supple. Fight fungus with foot powder or antifungal washes. For clean toenails, you can check the nails section of the website for nail cutters and other tools.

Best Deals on Foot Care

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