Medical Supplies: Best prices in Philippines (50 Items found)

Shop Wise on Medical Supplies

Experience quality health care right in the comfort of your own home. Not everyone is fortunate to live near a hospital. With advancements in medical science, some medical devices and supplies are readily available for purchase in the market or online, even without the doctor’s prescription.

First aid kits and natural therapies, for example, are important home staples. Home injuries and emergencies are inevitable, from minor cuts, burns, bruises to headaches, cough, colds, and flu. Stacking up on basic medicines, capsules, tablets and natural therapies is essential for each home. After purchasing, it is wise to check on warranties, expiry dates, alternative brands, and online reviews.

Include ointments, creams, antiseptics, disinfectant sprays, antibacterial soaps, and wound cleansers on your list of home remedies. You may also need thermometers, self-adherent wraps, bandages, gauze rolls, surgical tapes, gloves, and cold packs for emergencies. Disinfecting wipes and hand washes are recommended but not necessary.

Neck braces, cervical collars, compression socks, catheters, and edema pumps are readily available in the market. Air purifiers, ionizers, and humidifiers help clean the air at home. Heartbeat and blood pressure monitors, asthma controllers, nebulizers, and sleep monitors can also be purchased online without prescription.

Affordable Health Care At PricePanda

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