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Beddings for a Sound Sleep

Sleep doctors say that getting good sleep will help you stay focused and healthy. The bed frame, mattress, and bed linens you use can impact your sleep in many ways. Sheets, blankets, pillowcases, comforter, and duvet covers are called beddings or bed linens. For some, the style of the linen is of prime importance; for others, the materials that they are made of or the thread count matters the most. Threadcount is the number of threads woven into a square inch of fabric; however, it is not the best indicator of a linen’s durability and softness. Make sure to consider the material used in the linens before making your purchase.

Luxurious linens made of 100% Egyptian cotton are the most expensive, followed by pima cotton which almost has the same feel. Egyptian cotton is superior to any regular type of cotton because it has longer strands of fibre which, when processed, produce a stronger and more lustrous fabric. It can also absorb more moisture, giving a cooler feeling to your skin.

Other mid-range types of bed linens are made of Polyester or a combination of cotton and Polyester. Polyester fabric is made of synthetic materials that can trap more heat into the sheet. The type of weaving pattern is also important. Percale, sateen, or flannel are the most popular.

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