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Unwind by Decorating Your Garden

Your choice of outdoor furniture and garden decor will depend on the design of your garden. There are four major garden designs: urban, mediterranean, formal, and cottage-style gardens. Urban and cottage-style gardens are the most practical to have as they don’t display the same grandeur that is usually found in formal and mediterranean gardens.

Urban gardens, which are usually found in the city, are decorated with rows or cabinets full of planters with uniform designs, ideal for a collection of herbal plants. You can also throw in pillows to spruce up chairs or benches, and add scented candles or colorful lamps around the garden. The traditional design of cottage-style gardens, on the other hand, features antique knickknacks to complement the old European country feel that this design exudes. You can also add a quaint tea set on top of an exquisitely weaved table mat at the center of your coffee table.

Big gardens mostly fall under the mediterranean or formal garden design. Here, the patio follows a clean pattern of greeneries, with a water fountain or a sculpture at the center. A set of decorative outdoor lights can add romance and mystery to your garden design. Landscape design plays an important role, too. You can add clipped boxes, beds of flowers, and climbing plants to your garden to get a more relaxing atmosphere, allowing you to take a quick break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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