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Pamper Your Feathered Friends

Birds are good to have around because they can be easily trained and are more socially inclined to bond with their owners. Just like any other pet, birds have to be kept in a clean and sturdy cage, with enough food, and toys to keep them occupied.

Birds also need to get the proper nutrition from seeds, greens, pellets, and other food like carrots and potatoes. A number of brands like Nekton and Vita-Sol provide multivitamins for birds of different sizes. You can get a food chart from a veterinarian to know the best food and dietary supplement a specific type of bird needs.

Grooming equipment like small scissors, styptic powder and other beak and nail care products are also available in the market, but make sure to consult a veterinarian first to learn how to properly and safely groom your pet.

You should also choose a birdcage that has enough flight space so your bird can fly from one perch to another. Also, rectangular, stainless birdcages make better habitats for birds compared to tall cages. This is because birds tend to fly horizontally (forward-moving) rather than vertically. Birds like parrots, cockatiels, and macaws need a sturdier and thicker birdcage with good lock systems. Birds with high cognitive abilities tend to pick on the bolts of their cages, freeing themselves. You can also throw in a number of bird toys like ropes, swings, ladders, and other toys that will help relieve their stress and satisfy their need to preen.

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