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Working with Air Tools

Air tools or pneumatic tools are mechanical equipment that operate through the use of compressed or pressurized air.

For big workshops where demands for repairs, construction, and spray painting are more extensive, the pressurized air is supplied by a bigger air compressor, most likely, a piston compressor, with a high-powered motor and a large storage tank. A piston compressor works by pumping and storing pressurized air into the air tank; when the air in the tank is used, the compressor will automatically refill the tank.

For home or garage use, light and portable compact compressors are enough to power your air tools. They are often used for airbrush paint tools, glue sprayers, lubricant guns or tire inflaters. You can also check our product offers on Red X air compressors which can also be used to inflate sporting or camping equipment. Other brands that offer top-rated air compressors are Makita and Dewalt.

Take the time to check and consult the manufacturer’s guide to learn more about the compressor’s power requirement and safety guidelines.The basic setup for an air system involves an air compressor and tank, a filter (to remove dust and water from air), regulator (to control the amount of pressure) and lubricator (to allow smoother operation), and an air tool.

Power tools like drills, hammers, grinders, sanders, and saws also have their pneumatic counterparts. Air tools are more lightweight, ideal for long, heavy-duty use, but are more expensive than battery or electricity-powered tools because the requirements needed for its setup are more elaborate. Another advantage air tools have is that they are safer to use in damp places or locations with flammable liquids and gas. Tire inflators and nail guns are also considered as air tools. Make sure to always wear goggles, ear protection and gloves when using these air tools to avoid injury.

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