Electrical Supplies: Best prices in Philippines (214 Items found)

Must-Have Electrical Supplies in Your Tool Kit

To complement your set of power and hydraulic tools, you also need to stock various electrical supplies that are commonly used at home. Electrical supplies are small to medium-size components that form part of a larger electronic system.

They serve as a simple transport system that connects appliances to a power source; that’s why wires, terminals, power sockets, and power cables (collectively known as power conductors) are very important in the household. Energy storage devices like batteries and light starters are also examples of electrical supplies. They help provide a smooth and undisrupted flow or transmission of energy.

Other electrical supplies like wall wire ducts and electrical boxes can help organize electrical wires and circuits, keeping your home clutter-free and safe. Exposed wires might cause someone to accidentally trip. Also, the cable sleeve will eventually break over time, exposing the conductors inside. You can use an electrical or insulating tape to cover up the breakage.

You should also keep enough supply of reliable lighting systems, like incandescent lights, fluorescent lights, or light emitting diodes (LEDs). The Philips lighting system provides powerful illumination at reduced costs. Resistors, capacitors, light-emitting diodes, and transistors are electronic components that you may also need when repairing gadgets or small home appliances.

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