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Must-Have Garden Tools

Selecting the most practical garden design is no simple task. There are four common garden types to choose from: urban, mediterranean, cottage-style, and formal. You also have to choose the right garden furniture and decorative items to complement your design. Although planning your garden requires a lot of hard work, gardening still proves to be one of the healthiest and most rewarding outdoor activities. What can further enrich your gardening experience is the right set of gardening tools. With the right tools and garden supplies, you can grow and maintain the lush greenery in your garden.

The basic garden tool set for any type of garden is composed of hand cultivators, a pair of gloves, pruners and trimmers, a spray bottle, and a hose. The smaller versions of trowels, rakes, weeding hoes, or forks are called hand cultivators. Trowels and forks have similar use with spade shovels. They are good for digging and punching a hole into the soil or breaking sods. However, most gardeners would find forks to be the more useful gardening companion. Rakes, on the other hands, are used to remove fallen leaves or other debris from the planting bed, while hoes are used for weeding. Make sure to wear a pair of compression gloves to protect your hands from bacteria and blisters.

Pruning is essential to make way for new sprouts. Before purchasing a pair of pruners, test them first to see if they provide a good grip. Lightweight rubber ones are the best options. Apart from using bottle sprays and hoses, you can also search for the Hills double self-watering plantbox, which allows for easy maintenance as it has a self-contained watering system, perfect for your vertical garden or collection of herbal plants.

Mediterranean or cottage-style gardens designed with lawns and rows of hedges will need constant trimming. Make sure to get a high-performance brushcutters, lawnmowers, and trimmers to keep your garden clean and uncluttered. Lawnmowers have electricity or gas-powered models. Gas-powered units are said to have more power and are mostly used in gardens with large fields. For brushcutters, choose the one with a good handlebar and a light harness. PricePanda has good lineup of tools and garden supplies, from lawnmowers, automatic sprinklers, hose reels, to fertilizer and pesticide sprayers and string trimmers. 

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