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Hewlett-Packard or commonly called HP is an American company that manufactures different technology products or softwares like laptops, printers, monitors.... for consumers or small-medium sized companies and bigger ones like governments or health and education. They started from the very bottom, in a garage, to grow so big that they have now offices all over the world and in 2012 were the largest PC sellers by unit. Something that you can only get being a hard worker, but also with high quality products and services.


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Since 2007 HP's career has been unstoppable, even though they had a big competitor with Lenovo, they have specialized in developing and manufacturing computing, data storage, hardwares, software.. They manufacture high quality products with their own softwares for regular users, but also any kind of products and households for companies. HP starting succeeding when they decided to merge with the company Compaq, and increased their product and service line. Inside HP, we can find different mini-brands like HP Imaging and Printing Group (IPG), as it's name reveals, is all about printers and it includes the famous printing technologies Inkjet and Laserjet, plus all-in-one printers. They also released an app for iPhone called iPrint.


Then HP's Personal Systems Group where we can discover different kind of PCs. HP Enterprise Business with HP Technology services and Enterprise Services provides security, assurance and compliance. HP software Division for instance is the one dedicated to create and improve HP Open View.


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