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Originally starting out as a behind-the-scenes manufacturer of mobile devices, HTC came into its own in 2011 when it began to release and market smartphones under its own brand name. The Taiwanese company boasts many tech firsts, among them the first Android smartphone and first device with 1080 pixel display. Find out more information on HTC’s products here on its very own brand page.


The quiet brilliance of HTC


HTC cellphones are now becoming one of the trendiest brands of Android-powered smartphones in the market today. HTC, also known as High Tech Computer Corporation, is a Taiwan based company that started out with notebooks as its main product. The company later shifted its focus on cellphones and has now created its own niche in the industry with its trademark brand of innovative smartphones at reasonable prices.


HTC popular cellphones


The Smartphones running on Android OS are now blazing their way to become a leader in the cellphone market. Considered to be one of the pioneers in the smartphone market, HTC currently has various smartphone models running on different Android OS versions. One of the most popular HTC models is the HTC Desire, with different designs and colors to choose from. Some variations in the HTC Desire series include the HTC Desire X Black and White, the HTC Desire S and Desire V.


The HTC Desire is more advanced model features a more powerful processor and performs at a faster rate than the HTC Desire. The HTC One X also has a higher resolution screen, better camera quality, and excellent sound. Considering its specifications and durability, this model is still reasonably priced compared to its other counterparts. There’s also the HTC Windows Phone line, the company's smartphone line powered by Windows Phone 8. Aside from touchscreen smartphones, HTC also manufactures phones with QWERTY keyboards for business users.


Prices for HTC cellphones in Philippines


Aside from the popular HTC One X and HTC Desire, PricePanda also provides the best deals for other HTC models such as the HTC Wildfire, HTC Explorer ,and the HTC Radar . At PricePanda, there is an HTC price comparison guide, and each product includes its own reviews, detailed specifications, and descriptions.