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The Nursery Room Essentials

Whether it's for their first child or a new addition to the family, parents can not help but get excited when it comes to designing their child's nursery room. Choosing the perfect baby furniture is one of the most important tasks to do, especially when it comes to your child’s safety, comfort, and protection.

High chairs, cradles, changing tables, portable cots, rockers, and cribs are usually found in the baby furniture sets that you will need at home. However, the furniture that will require the most meticulous deliberation are cribs because this is where your baby will spend most of his or her time, and accidents like suffocation, entrapment, and strangulation can be caused by outdated crib features.

Avoid buying old crib models with a movable drop side and bumpers, or cribs with padded railings. The crib’s drop side wears down easily and may create a gap between the crib mattress and the drop side. This gap may trap and suffocate the baby. If the baby happens to put his or her head in between the crib’s slats, the padded bumpers in between the slats can also trap the baby, and cause the baby to suffocate as well.

Standard baby cribs in the market have a simple, but sturdy construction. On the other hand, convertible cribs are more pricey, but more practical in the long run. This is because they come with a conversion kit which allows you to transform the convertible crib into a toddler bed, or even a single or twin-sized bed for future use. You should also consider whether or not the crib will have rail protectors or covers, which will come in handy when your baby starts teething.

Apart from cribs, you can also use a bassinet or cradle to keep a close watch on your baby wherever you are at home. However, cradles can only support newborns and babies up to 4 or 5 months old. These can easily be transferred from one room to another, or can be kept beside your bed to make it easy for you to look after your baby at night. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and weight restrictions, and to steer clear from cradles with a rocking feature, to avoid accidents like the cradle tipping over while your baby is in it.

Always make sure to look for the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) seal before making your purchase to ensure the quality of your furniture. The JPMA is an organization that works closely with government officials, consumer groups, and industry leaders to create development programs and safety guidelines on children’s product safety.

Make sure to choose a firm mattress that perfectly fits the crib, with no extra space in between the edges of the mattress and the crib lining; even just one inch of space might be enough for your baby to get stuck and injured. It will be wise to invest on branded cribs with sturdy builds and reliable safety features, as your child may use it up until they are 3 years old. This rule also applies to checking the fit of the mattress of the cradle.

Another must-have is a changing table with guardrails of at least 2 inches tall on all four sides of the table, and a safety strap. Babies tend to squirm restlessly as you change their diapers. The guardrail and the safety strap will help hold and secure your baby and prevent accidents. While these can help secure your baby, keep in mind that you should always place one hand on your baby when changing your child’s diaper on an elevated surface. The safety strap can only do so much to keep a wriggling child from falling.

Babies who are below 6 months enjoy moving and kicking, and toddler rockers or bouncer seats are the best baby equipment to keep them entertained. However, for babies weighing 25 pounds or for those who can sit up independently, these bouncy seats can pose some risk, as it might collapse or tip over when the baby has exceeded the recommended weight limit.

Among all the furniture pieces in the nursery, it is the glider that creates sweet memories of parents cuddling, reading and singing to their baby. Nowadays, gliders have designs similar to living-room chairs, with an ottoman for parents to prop their feet up. Before buying one, make sure that it will have enough room for you to move and switch positions to avoid numbness when nursing your child for a long time. See to it that the glider’s framework has no protruding sharp edges or parts that could injure your baby, or gaps in its body that could trap a child.


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