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Stroll in the Park with Your Child

While fresh air outside is good for your baby, you’ll need to pediatrician how soon you can take your newborn outside. When it’s safe for your child to go out, it is important that you get the right stroller. Buying a stroller requires your full attention to details. Just as how you carefully chose a crib for your baby, you must also be as meticulous with your choice of stroller, especially when checking its safety features.

Make sure that the stroller frame has an effective lock system that is easy to use and will prevent the stroller from collapsing accidentally. The brake locks should be able to respond immediately when you hit the brake. The build of the frame must provide a safe haven for your child. There should be no sharp edges within and around the frame, and no wide openings where your child may accidentally slip. The stroller’s restraint system must comfortably secure your child. Opt for strollers with the five-point harness system, the safest in the market so far. Because infants can’t hold up their head on their own, they need to lie down face up. That is why the stroller must also have a reclining adjustable seat with a good head and back support. For sun and rain protection, choose a stroller with an adjustable shade or you can buy it as an accessory.

Before purchasing a stroller, you first have to take it for a “test push.” Some strollers are easy to maneuver only when they are empty. For first time moms who are not expecting to have a baby anytime soon, but are going to their usual baby shopping spree for future use, try loading up the stroller with items or weights as if there’s a real heavy baby inside it, then try pushing it with one hand. Make sure to choose a stroller that easily folds and opens up. Combi strollers are known for these features.

You may check the best offers on our top-selling strollers like the Capella Charmant and Lucky Baby Cabbie 2™ Active (baby buggy-princess design) strollers. We also have a selection of different stroller types, from standard strollers, travel system, to tandem and triple strollers.

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