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Welcome to our dedicated page for global technology company, Lenovo. With headquarters in Beijing, China, it operates in more than 60 regions and serves customers in over 160 countries. The brand is a long-established vendor of PCs and mobile internet devices with a focus on innovation and breakthrough technology for laptops, tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers.


Lenovo’s outstanding lines of products


Lenovo Group Limited is a Chinese multinational electronics and computer hardware company with key offices in Beijing, China and Hong Kong, China as well as Morrisville, North Carolina. Among its products are electronic storage devices, mobile phones, personal computers, IT management software, servers, tablet computers, smart televisions and workstations. Lenovo operates in over 60 countries and sells products in more than 160 countries. It became the world’s 1st largest PC vendor in 2013 by unit sales. Lenovo is slowly but steadily catching up to reach the top of the market throughout all segments of personal communication electronics.


Top technology, Conveniently priced


The Chinese manufacturer climbed all rankings of sales and conquered the heart of its customers using a simple, yet effective strategy: to flood the market with a range of devices for all kind of users, purposes and wallets. PCs and laptops offered can vary from basic equipments for home use to very advanced state-of-the-art beasts for heavy gamers. Its tablets can be a nice gift for a teenager’s entertainment or a valid purchase for professionals who need to remain in constant connection with work, clients and colleagues while commuting or traveling. Browse through the ever-growing portfolio of IdeaPad and ThinkPad products to discover great prices for a level of technology that easily equals most of high-end brands.


Cheap Flagship Smartphones


While keeping one of these mobile devices in your hands, you will think the price tag is definitely wrong. One of the biggest strengths of the Chinese producer is how they manage to keep in their smartphone series such a high level of specs, similar to most recent releases from its main competitors like Samsung or LG, while still maintaining a low price that can fit any budget. Its flagship devices, the Vibe series, come packed with powerful cameras, quad-core CPU and large batteries in a very sleek, premium frame. On the other hand, the A series will easily stand against products offered by other competitors in the low-priced market, like Cherry Mobile or MyPhone. Simple but powerful, they are just made for everyone.


ThinkPad: Made for Professionals


Managers, business owners and professionals will benefit greatly from adopting one of the devices from the ThinkPad series in their daily lives. Specifically designed to respond effectively to the needs of mobile work, they will support you with enhanced features for communication, storage and sharing. Be it a laptop, a tablet or a hybrid, flexibility is the keyword for this brand range. Windows 8 Pro compatibility, HD touchscreens and graphics and a very long battery life is exactly what you need for presentations or work on-the-move, while a variety of slots and special connectivity features will make connecting your device to other computers, cloud storage, projectors and monitors easier than ever. An invaluable help for whom makes a living out of their computer.


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