Lenovo Laptops: Best prices in Philippines (10 Items found)

Lenovo: Legendary Performance and Reliability

Yoga, Thinkpad, Edge, and other Lenovo Series

The company is not the largest computer manufacturer and vendor in the world for no reason. They produce some of the best laptops and Ultrabooks in the market. Though not exactly the pioneer in the field, the company did purchase the personal computer division of IBM, the company that practically invented the industry. Their line of computers are exceptionally engineered designed to meet almost everyone's needs. Thanks to their 46 world class laboratory and research centers around the world, the company is able to achieve technological breakthroughs into creating new products that are competitive, reliable, advanced, and are able to meet their consumers expectations.

Thinkpad and Edge Series

Still the most premium of all Windows laptops, these lines have the go-to products of most businesses looking for top of the line performance . They are powerfully engineered and features the most outstanding security and productivity. Products in this line are tested using military methods. They can endure any environment and situation. Their award-winning precision keyboard with their renowned red TrackPoint, multi touch touchpad, ergonomic keys, and convenient multimedia buttons offers users the utmost comfort. Their systems are built to lessen heat in critical areas, and their fans are specially designed to run quietly without requiring so much electricity. They are not just outstanding in terms of performance but they are also energy efficient.

T and X Series

Still considered premium, products in these lines are lightweight, slim design and long battery life, their laptops are very portable, durable, and mostly features adaptive keyboards. They boast of uncompromised performance with some of them even capable of being converted into tablets. They also come with spill-resistant keyboards, exceptional security features, and leading wireless options to keep you powered and unplugged round-the-clock. They offer business owners to have their proprietary SMB software pre-installed in the devices, this, along with the latest Windows OS makes these devices even more outstanding.

G and S Series

These lines might be the collection of the brand's entry-level devices but they still are packed with specifications and features that will shame some of their competitor's premium line. devices in these series are ultraportable yet capable of giving you the best uninterrupted performance, good battery life and clean designs, so you can take your online world anywhere, without breaking the bank. They are the perfect entry level mobile computing devices equipped with a few performance boosting surprises.

The U and Y Series

Comprised of designer Ultrabooks and high performance gaming laptops, these lines boast of some of the best looking and best performing, specialized notebooks around. They can be colorful, they are very portable and light, yet their processing power can match even the most powerful gaming towers. They feature the fastest processors, the latest 3D graphics processing technology, high resolution displays, and theater audio-visual optimization.

Yoga and Flex Series

Multimode, flexible , and hybrid-these lines boasts of the most innovative, multi-functional, mobile computing devices around. They deliver flexibility (literally and figuratively) to and business, home, an even entertainment use. Their displays can either rotate or be removed entirely producing an entirely new stand-alone device. They can be a laptop, a tablet, a screen, and a stand, they can take whatever form you wish. They offer maximum productivity and are optimized for touch applications. Their innovative lift-and-lock keyboard is an industry leading multimode keyboard. The keyboard frame automatically rises and the keys lock, eliminating accidental keystrokes and providing a more comfortable grip when converting your ultrabook to another mode.

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