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A lifestyle brand that has operations in areas like home appliances, mobile communications, and vehicle components, LG is one of South Korea’s best exports in the electronics market. Here, on this page dedicated to LG, you can find a wide range of its products that contributed in creating its $1.6 billion profit in 2014. Find out more about its TVs, smartphones, watches, and more.


Life’s good with LG cellphones


LG is an electronics company widely known for the LG cellphones and appliances such as the LG TVs. Considered to be one of the leading phone manufacturers not only in its home country of South Korea, but also in the entire world, LG continues to compete in the cellphone market with its own brand of LG Smartphones such as LG Optimus & LG Nexus

LG Philippines making your life easier


LG Philippines is the nickname of “Lucky Goldstar”, before LG products used to be sold under that brand, but now, they have changed the slogan to “Life’s Good”. In LG Philippines are conscious about life being more than having the latest technologies, what they love to create are technologic experiences and apply them to their products: from the most innovative televisions and home appliances to the latest smartphones. With LG Philippines you can enjoy life and be ready for the best moments!


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