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Founded in 1981, Swiss company Logitech interestingly started out working on computer mice. It wanted to provide a more intuitive way of interacting with a PC and now, with their products sold in nearly every country in the world, Logitech truly is a global provider of personal computer and tablet accessories. To get the best access in South East Asia to its products, check this PricePanda page for more information on trusted sellers and their prices.


Logitech, the leading computer peripheral manufacturer.


Logitech was founded in 1981 in Switzerland, and started as a mouse manufacturer, but they quickly opened to manufacturer more computer peripheral, and now a days they have great incoming thanks to products like cheap mouses, keyboards or video cameras. They were the first company that starting selling a mouse without the ball, but with infra-red and the first company to launch wireless mouse and keyboards. The difference between Logitech and the rest of the competitors is clear, they keep on innovating, also their brand prestige and big presence in shops. They also have presence all over the world, their main office is in Switzerland, but have also an important office in California, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


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Logitech is a leading worldwide manufacturer of PC accessories. Logitech manufactures and sells peripheral devices like Webcams, keyboards, mice, microphones, touchpads and game controllers. Logitech also makes computer and home speakers, WIFI enabled audio devices and headphones. They also make audio devices for mobile phones and MP3 players. The computer mouse was the product that made Logitech well-known across the globe.


Logitech not only manufactures products to sell on their own, they also work hand to hand with big brands like Apple and IBM. And the quality of them are great, keyboards work smoothly and softly. They have special products for gamers like the gaming mouse or keyboard.


But that's not everything, music lovers also have their part here, because they also manufacture headphones and earphones so you can get the best sounds from your music player, or if you prefer sharing the music, the loudspeakers that they have will leave you astonished.


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