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One of the best known and longest-running technology corporations, Microsoft develops and manufactures, computer software, personal computers, and consumer electronics. Most recently, it has been getting some of the smartphone market action by releasing its Windows phone and getting behind the Nokia brand. There are countless products only available from this American company that are sure to catch your attention.


Microsoft: a giant software company, expanding into gaming and tablets


Microsoft Corporation was founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates on April 4, 1975. It is an American multinational software corporation that develops, licenses, manufactures and supports a wide array of computing products and services. Microsoft is considered as the world’s largest software maker by revenues and as one of the world’s most valuable companies.

As of today, Microsoft remains dominant in the office suite markets and PC operating systems (Microsoft Office), while actively producing a vast range of other products and services in the following: software for desktop and servers, , video game industry (Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360), the digital services market (MSN) and mobile phones (Windows Phone OS). As if all of these still aren’t enough, Microsoft announced in June 2012 that it would also be expanding to the PC vendor market.

The wide array of Microsoft products


Microsoft debuted in the gaming console market with the Microsoft Xbox, a video game console released in 2001 which sold more than 24 million units as of May 2006. The Xbox Live service launched late 2002 which allowed players to play online games through a broadband connection with their Xbox devices. It was a success primarily due to the good servers, buddy list features and the best-selling and most popular online Xbox video game, Halo 2.

Meanwhile, its successor, the Xbox 360, sold 70 million consoles worldwide as of September 2012. One of its major features is the integrated Xbox Live service which allows for online play and competition. Another is its ability to download arcade games, demos, music, movies, TV shows and trailers. Its Windows Media Center multimedia capabilities and its access to various, region-specific third-party streaming applications are some of its key features as well. Microsoft Xbox 360 prices these days range from Php 7,000 to Php 12,000, which is really very affordable considering all its great features.

Microsoft’s newest innovation, the Microsoft Surface, serves as Microsoft’s ticket to the PC vendor market. It basically combines the portability of a tablet and the functionality of a laptop in one awesome device. It comes in two models: one with Windows RT which uses an ARM CPU and another that comes with Windows 8 Pro which uses an Intel Core i5 processor CPU, making it compatible with most accessories and software. It’s as powerful, secure and manageable as a PC in tablet form, weighing in at only two pounds. It has a Kickstand to enable hands-free entertainment. The Touch Cover or the Type Cover, on the other hand, allows the enjoyment of HD videos or the taking of beautiful pictures. Closing the Kickstand makes it disappear into the casing to enable tablet use. Indeed, Microsoft Surface is the perfect companion for both work and leisure.

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