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With a long history of successful innovation, Nokia has been at the forefront of the telecommunications industry since the 1960s, even introducing the first carphone in 1982. It is now focused on location intelligence and technology development, with its mobile devices sector now a part of the Microsoft corporation. Check this page for more info on Nokia products - the original mobile phone trendsetting brand.


Nokia: Offering Hope for South East Asian Markets


This company has a tumultuous history of development and innovation. Nokia has come a long way since its rubber production days in an unheard of town in Finland. Nokia has been producing mobile technology since the 60’s and was one of the main developers of GSM, Global System for Mobile Technology, or the revolutionaries you have to thank for the ability to send data through a mobile device as well as voice traffic. Without Nokia and GSM, wireless communication technology as we know it wouldn’t exist. That includes sending text messages, exchanging ring tones, receiving wireless connection to the internet and streaming music over your mobile.


The brand is now universally recognised. The flagship “Nokia tune” has been estimated to be heard 1.8 billion times per day, or 20,000 jingles a second. Their early 2000’s models have the reputation of remaining indestructible and their late 00’s successor became one of the most popular mobile devices of all time. Now offering tablet computers, phablets, smartphones and much more, the company is now relaunching itself as a main contender in the market for personal communication electronics.


Though it was a pioneer in many things, the company encountered several problems and was acquired, sold, filed for bankruptcy, and re-acquired several times. However, like the pingpong game it developed, the company just kept bouncing back and taking on new challenges and pursuing their passion of providing you with nothing but the best interactive entertainment.


Scandinavian Hadrware meets American Technology


Their recent merger with Microsoft, proved to be a huge success as did their developed OS for smartphones, WP7. They launched the Lumia series, a range of high end tablet computers and smartphones with Windows Phone and intended to compete with Apple. The Lumia series, which means “snow” in Finnish and also evokes the Latin for “light”, is a transformative experience for the smartphone. It brings the full experience of the latest technology laptops to the small screen. Aesthetically, the software evokes Windows 8 and the touch screen capabilities give you the full interactive experience. Most recently, Microsoft bought Nokia’s mobile business, meaning that we can expect to see a lot more Windows Phones in the future.


Hope is Affordable


The Asha series is the low-end answer to the luxurious Lumia. Particularly successful in the South East Asian Market due to their affordable pricing, brightly colored designs and dual-sim capabilities. The word “Asha” is adapted from the Sanskrit for “hope”, which evokes the Nokia philosophy of progress and change. How Nokia mobiles will fare with the recent change over to Microsoft is yet to be fully revealed. What can be expected, however, is a greater shift towards Window’s technology in all devices, especially WP8, as revealed by the recent decision to pull the Android line of phones. There will also be a greater focus on high end technology, in an attempt to rival Apple. Nokia has weathered greater change since its humble beginnings, and hopefully this latest development will continue to resonate with the brands enduring philosophy.


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