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Pentax is another giant when it comes to the world’s best known camera brands. Millions of cameras and lenses alike have been sold since its first appearance in 1950s. Originating from the Asahi Optical Joint Stock Company, Pentax Ricoh Imaging Co., Ltd. was founded in 1919 outside Tokyo, Japan. It was not long before Pentax cameras and lenses became the preferred gear of many amateur and professional photographers.


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Pentax entered the digital scene with its release of the EI-C90 camera in 1997, which features the unique ability of its camera and LCD to be separated into two sections. The Pentax Optio 430 was launched four years later, which was considered the smallest compact digital camera at that time. Up to this day, the company still uses “Optio” to name the lines of all their innovative point-and-shoot digicams.


There are currently three series of Pentax Optio cameras. First is the P-series, popular for slim and stylish yet powerful compacts. Next is a line of simple, entry-level cameras known as E-series cameras. Another is the W-series cameras perfect for those with active lifestyles because of its rugged, waterproof shells that withstand the elements of nature. Lastly, the line of DSLRs produced by Pentax is under the K-series.


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