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Philips is one of the biggest electronic companies in the world and is organized in different subdivisions like Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Philips Lighting and Philips Healthcare. But lately they've had a lot of changes, unfortunately, they have had huge losses in their television manufacturing and they had to sell it, even though they still sell them under the Philips brand, the real company behind it is a Japanese one. But this doesn't mean their quality is low, or that they will stop manufacturing different products.


Consumer electronics by Philips


Philips offers a wide selection of products to fit all your needs, from house appliances, personal care, consumer electronics or healthcare. Their experience comes from years and years, as they started in 1891 where they started with the production of carbon-filament lamps. But from 1920 they started to manufacture vacuum tubes and electric razors. After the war they introduced the Compact Audio Cassette tape, then the boombox, mini-cassete, Philips DVD players to end up with the laser disk and Blu-ray. And now, some of the most popular products are the Philips earphones.


With the long story that they have, for sure you can trust Philip products, they come with a brand warranty, and are high quality products.


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