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Welcome to our Samsung hub, a page dedicated to gathering up all the products from the Korean manufacturer listed on our website. One of the global leaders in everything electronic, from electrical appliances to office accessories, from entertainment devices to smartphones, this multinational company is firmly remaining on top position in sales charts as much as holding a peculiar space in consumers’ mind.


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When it comes to consumer electronics and home appliances, this South Korean giant is one of the leading brands in the world. It is a company known for its brave innovations ensuring that they always have a space among the top companies in the telecoms and electronics industry. Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Suwon, South Korea, it now has a huge network of partner retailers and satellite offices around the world employing hundreds of thousands and producing, literally, over a million different products, parts, and components (including processors for arch rival Apple). The company enjoys wide popularity among Pinoys and is becoming one of the most trusted brands.


From their innovations in consumer electronics to their developments in other more advanced areas, the multinational shares experiences that impacts the everyday lives of people everywhere.The company is devoted to creating superior products and services across all areas of their business. Aside from producing some of the most innovative products in the market, the manufacturer also takes action to improve the environment. their latest products features power saving technology that is not only beneficial to you but also to the environment.


Feature-packed Phones, Tablets and Laptops

Currently the number one smartphone maker, the manufacturer's mobile communication devices today are the most popular mobile devices thanks to its wide range of high-quality and full featured phones offered at competitive prices. Their line of Android powered devices are the most sought after products making them the biggest manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones in the world, fuelled by the immense popularity of their Galaxy line of devices. They are also a major seller of tablets, particularly their Android series of Galaxy-tab and their pioneering collection of Note phablets. Their laptops, though not as big as their other two consumer electronic divisions, are slowly gaining traction thanks to their introduction of surprisingly affordable premium line of Chromebooks and Ultrabooks.


TV, Cameras, and other Entertainment Devices


Prior to being the largest manufacturer of mobile devices in the world, the Korean manufacturer was and still is, highly regarded for producing some of the best television sets on the market. Their LCD, LED and Plasma TVs, set new standards not only in manufacturing quality but most importantly in image quality. They most recently launched the world's first ever curved television. This OLED product provides the ultimate immersive experience. These devices has many strong features which includes deep visual quality and vivid resolution unattainable when using normal flat panels.


To compliment their outstanding line of Televisions, the company also produces Blu-ray home entertainment systems, 3D audio system, micro hi-fi and mini components, home theater systems, sound bars, and karaoke systems. All are designed to creates a warm, rich sound, eliminating ambient noise which are easy to install and control, immersing you in total entertainment that is relaxing and theater quality.


Apart from their entertainment line, Samsung has also invested big in the photography market and has produced the world's first smart camera. Their Galaxy line of cameras includes powerful point and shoot devices packed with features similar to that of a smartphone thanks to the Android operating system that it is powering the devices. This gives users a photography equipment that is truly connected and capable of instant connections to the web.


Home Appliances and Other Products


Washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, microwaves, name it they make it. There is no stopping the brand at providing you with almost everything you need to live comfortably. Their line of washing machines are intuitive and comes with an optimal wash feature. They keep your clothes fresh and looking like new. Their fridges boasts of innovative features that lets you organize groceries into three different zones (cooking, family and kids). Their refrigerators operate at low noise levels, while delivering longer-lasting performance with great energy savings. Quick, healthy, and delicious meal even on a busy schedule are now within reach thanks to their line of energy saving and extremely durable microwave ovens. Samsung is also working on home automation solutions that would connect the user's home to the internet and allow for true interactive homes. Apple is another company that is looking into this technology along with Google.


Cleaning up kitchen or house mess has never been easier thanks to their collection of vacuum cleaners equipped with sensors that makes sure that every nook of your house is dirt free. Getting too hot in the kitchen or getting sweaty after all that cleaning? Not a problem, their line of air conditioners will keep you cool faster while keeping the air you breath allergen, virus, and bacteria free. They are also designed to be as energy efficient as possible to make sure that you won't be out of breath once your electric bill comes.


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