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Sega, the company to trust when gaming.


Sega is a japanese software and hardware developer for videogames and one of the most respected videogame companies in the world. They've had great success not only with games but also with videoconsoles, but since they released the Dreamcast, they are not manufacturing them anymore, now they only focus on videogame programming and hardware for arcade games machine.


Sega games and their great quality.


  Sega was borned when Service Games and Rosen Enterprises joined and debuted with Rifleman, a mechanical game that simulated far west shootings, but their first success came with Periscope, a submarine simulator. But it wasn't an easy path, they kept on trying with the consoles, but none were working as expected. And also, there was this big character that everybody loved: Mario, from Mario Bros. So they had to find a character to fight against, that's how Sonic appear, the blue hedgehog that became the symbol of the company.


Although many 3D Sonic games received stick for not delivering the high levels of quality expected of them, Sonic Adventure surely made an exception on that front. The first of the Sonic games wasn’t as smooth around the edges, but refined changes made its sequel an instant hit. There are multiple characters and a variety of game styles along with impressive presentations, making it a captivating 3D affair. The elements of pseudo-adventure were eliminated in the sequel and a traditional action-oriented approach was used to bring back fans, making it one of the most popular Wii games.


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