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Sigma, not only lenses.


Sigma Corporation is a Japanese company that mainly manufactures DSLR cameras, flash lenses, and other photographic accessories. Even though they produce great quality digital cameras, the market that they own is the lenses one. Actually many professionals and camera users choose they lens instead of well known brands like Canon or Nikon because of their high quality and lower price.


Sigma, the best choice


Even though Sigma is known for the lenses, their cameras are also high quality and can compete with other high range brands, but as they are not that popular they are harder to find. Anyway, Sigma lenses you can find them almost everywhere.


Sigma lenses have become popular because they are high quality, the variety that this company has is also amazing. You can have from regular, to long distance, teleconverters, professional lenses... and not only that, because they manufacture lenses that are specific for renamed brands, like Olympus or Nikon. So if you need a lens for your non-Sigma camera, you shouldn't worry and check this company's products, because there is one for you. Also, Sigma offers some combinations of objectives that can not be found in the most recognized brands, such as wide-angle zoom lens 8-16mm (straight), 12-24mm for full frame, 150-500mm telephoto zoom, among others.


  The competition with Nikon and Canon is direct, because they compete with some lens directly with lower prices. How do they do that? Easy, instead of using the highest quality materials, they use plastic for some parts so the lens is lighter and cheaper. But this doesn't mean the quality of the picture will decrease, on the contrary, is still high quality.


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