Camping Equipment: Best prices in Philippines (149 Items found)

Camping Equipment: Gear up for your next adventure

Find yourself scared at the thought of camping outdoors, without your bed, bathtub, and other creature comforts? Worry not and enjoy your outdoor adventure while still being comfortable, with the right camping outdoor equipment! PricePanda offers functional and affordable equipment to help you prepare for those starry nights out.

Doze off in comfortable sleeping gear

Camping and tents go hand in hand. Getting a good night’s sleep or a delightful afternoon nap when camping is possible with the tents for sale on PricePanda. We have offers for small and large camping tents for different group sizes, as well as beach tents with UV protection to guard you from the sun’s harmful rays. One best-selling beach tent is the Caribee UV Guardian Beach Shelter, sporting a material that provides a UPF 50+ protection rating. Sleeping bags are also essentials for a camping trip. One reliable sleeping bag is from The Outdoor Essentials, which make packing less of a hassle with its small pouch for storing your sleeping bag after use. It is also made of 100% Polyester to keep you warm on a cold night. 

Whip up appetizing outdoor meals

To prepare a delicious outdoor meal, you need to the have the right set of camping cookware. A handy, foldable knife for cutting meat and vegetables is a must-have. One such product is the Credit Card Type Folding Safety Knife which, as the name implies, is a knife you can fold to the size of a credit card. With portable stoves like the Littlbug Stove, you can even whip up hearty dishes to sate your appetites Relaxing with cold drinks after a long hike is possible with coolers, like the Cooper coolbox and Coleman Personal Cooler. Have a good time around the campfire while drinking cold beers and refreshments with these dependable coolers.

Find the best price list on PricePanda

PricePanda can help you find the best camping equipment from different camping stores online. Equipment from trusted brands for backpacks, binoculars, travel accessories, and telescopes will surely make your camping trip a lot more enjoyable and fuss-free. For the best deals online, always check out PricePanda.