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Finding the right telescope

The night sky is part of life’s greatest mysteries, and if you intend to discover the great beauty that lies in the vastness of this mysterious horizon, you will need a good telescope. Telescopes have two distinct advantages over binoculars: they can collect more light and can give a wider viewing range even when the subject is magnified.

Telescope models vary in the way light passes through within the device’s system using a lens or a mirror. Refracting telescopes use a convex objective lens which allows you to view images in high contrast, while reflecting telescopes are built with a concave mirror that receives and intercepts light. In catadioptric telescopes, light passes through a correcting lens before it reaches the eyepiece.

When choosing a telescope, you first have to consider the size of the lens. The larger the lens, the clearer and brighter the image will be. Don’t buy a telescope with a lens grade lower than 60mm. If you go lower than this, you won’t be able to enjoy stargazing, much more a planetary viewing experience. Magnification with a stable support is also important. Magnification power at 30 to 40 times produces the best image for your astronomical pursuits. Other things to consider are the quality of the eyepiece, the size and weight of the telescope (make sure it allows for easy maneuvering or relocating), and the F value and aperture (this indicates how much light the telescope is able to collect and how wide its viewing scope is).

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