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  • ASUS Nexus 7 2013
    written on 14/11/2014 I have been looking at tablets for a while now trying to work out if forking out for a iPad was worth it or if there was another tablet similar with a smaller budget. Well of course there is, there's heaps, but a mate told me about the Nexus 7 and for the price figured it was worth a go and so far I have been impressed. Its really light so I carry it almost everywhere with me through the day. I use it as an e-reader on my into work, use it at work for emails etc, then at night on the couch on Facebook. The screen resolutions looks as good as I've seen and so far its kept up with everything I want to do. I've had it for about 3 weeks now and my only complaint is the storage. My kids want to download more movies but on the 16gb it doesn't fit too many with all my other files. read more
  • Apple iPhone 5s
    written on 14/11/2014 It was time to upgrade my phone and although I already had an iPhone (4) I was tempted by the newest Samsung Galaxy after hearing plenty of good reviews however when decision time came I couldn't turn my back on Apple, not after all these years. I'm so glad that I decided to go with the iPhone 5S. Coming from the $ you can see huge improvements, not only in screen clarity and size but also function speed. What used to take me 30 seconds now takes half that. The 5S also works perfectly with the iOS 8. Although I would have loved the iPhone 6 my budget wouldn't quite allow it. Luckily I don't feel like I settled for the 5S, really there's nothing it can't do that I need. read more
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
    written on 14/11/2014 I was one of the many that eagerly awaited the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and it turns out for good reason too. The first thing, naturally, that I noticed before it even turned on was the leather like back plate, feels good in the hand, more expensive than previous models. In operation the Kit Kat software works great. Smooth transition between screens and no lag when doing high levels of multitasking. Like most smartphones these days the battery is the standard one day of use but that's good enough. The last thing to mention is the camera, incredible. It has a higher resolution than my camera! 18MP! It's insanely good and the built in editing software just makes it better. Highly recommended. read more
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